In Developement

The Finest

Writer: Solomon Wariso
Producer: Don Clovis

Mark Anderson is one of the most feared black gangsters in Britain. Into everything from kidnappings, gun-running, drug dealing, murder, distributing counterfeit currency and money laundering, he has killed scores of people and stolen millions of pounds. Utterly ruthless and violent, this is not how he is supposed to be. Because Anderson is a decorated undercover detective who has gone bad.

He and his white partner, Darren Grice, have made a lucrative sideline by infiltrating gangs of all races and nationalities in Britain, killing them and stealing their money and drugs. Life is sweet. But by a strange twist of fate, all of these gangs have belonged to Vincent Cassidy, the deadliest crime boss in Britain, the Mr Big of the underworld. And when another bent cop, known as G-Woman, tips Cassidy off that Anderson and Grice are the duo responsible for wiping out 120 of his gangs over a six year period and costing him millions of pounds, Cassidy puts out a contract on Grice, Anderson and Anderson’s pregnant wife.

After they are brutally murdered, Anderson realises someone is after him. But who?

When word gets back to Anderson that Cassidy is the person after him, given up by G-Woman, he swings into action. Because he knows who this G-Woman is.

With a crew of 10 other corrupt cops, they kick her door down and force her to tell them everything about Cassidy’s huge operations that span London. And in return for sparing her life, she’ll help set Cassidy up.

For the next two nights, London resembles the opening scenes from Saving Private Ryan, as rogue cops take a war to Cassidy and his business empire unlike anything ever seen on the streets of London, killing 12 of his lieutenants before they finally get to Cassidy.

Anderson’s sworn enemies, Detectives Sid Claridge and Madeline Bruce of CIB3 (the Anti Corruption Directorate also known as ‘The Ghost Squad’) are hot on his heels, convinced that they are close to ending their five year hunt for him. And with G-Woman double crossing Anderson and helping them, they are confident of finally getting him.

The twist in the tail, however, is that the Police Commissioner, Dame Olivia Bradshaw, and her aides know full well that Anderson’s team of rogue cops are hitting the biggest crime boss in Britain, and they condone it. Because this played right into her ultimate aim- to see all 38,000 Met police officers fully armed, which will bring her into direct conflict with the Home Secretary. Meanwhile, Claridge and Bruce are still relentlessly pursuing Anderson and his team, regardless of whose toes they step on in the process!

The film is told from a series of flashbacks and voiceovers from Anderson, because he and his crew are on trial for mass murder, corruption, perversion of justice and conspiracy to commit crime.

Anderson takes us on his journey of how he went from celebrated cop to become one of the biggest corrupt officers in the history of British police who loses everything, and how the Commissioner used him as a pawn in a deadly game with the government. Twists and double twists are the order of the day in this violent, action packed, BRITISH cop thriller.


Bas Rutten will play VAN BASTEN

A true legend of Mixed Martial Arts, Bas Rutten will play Van Basten, subject to contract, the right hand man of crime kingpin Cassidy. Considered by practically all experts to be the finest Dutch martial artist ever, Bas has already started his media crossover career as a commentator for the IFL, as well as appearing onscreen in The King of Queens, The Eliminator, Martial Law, Shadow Fury, Backlash and many other films and shows.